Swing Jazz Organization

This site is about Swing Jazz in Japan which consists of 47 prefectures.

Jazz in Japan is found in every prefecture.  The nice Jazz nuance is found especially in Kansai Region. This region lies in the southern-central region of Japan’s main island Honshū. The region includes the prefectures of Mie, Nara, Wakayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyōgo, and Shiga. Depending on who makes the distinction, Fukui, Tokushima and even Tottori Prefecture are also included.

This site is about one of many jazz bands in Kansai region, there is BFJO (Big Friendly Jazz Orchestra) Takasajo, Hyogo, Japan.

Deep in my heart, I want to say that this site is tremendously inspired by BFJO 2008 Matsuda Gumi.

Best Regards,

Jimmy Saputra

Jimmi Saputra